This canvas has an oil primed surface exhibiting all the qualities of canvas prepared with a lead-based ground, but without the toxicity. Up to four layers of oil primer is meticulously applied by hand and sanded to prevent peeling, flaking or cracking. This canvas is ideally suited to accept oil paint, however, it can also be used with egg tempera, casein, and some drawing media.

For over 40 years, the Narozni family has been crafting fine art supports in Provence, in the south of France, where the warm climate is ideal for slow and stable drying of primed fabrics. By combining time-honored European methods with modern chemistry, the family produces a conservator-grade painting surface that assures the artist's expression will survive the passage of time.

Using the finest Belgian linen with the longest natural thread (fewer knots) creates a strong, flawless surface. Double sizing provides protection against oil paints, allowing uniform "breathing," which reduces paint film stress.

Extra Fine Texture Linen, Quadruple Primed — This is Artfix's finest portrait canvas, with an exceptionally smooth and uniform surface, for painting styles that emphasize precision and detail.

Fine Texture Linen, Quadruple Primed — This portrait-grade canvas has a tight weave and a fine, even grain, for painting styles that emphasize precision and detail.

Medium Texture Linen, Single Primed — Medium texture linen is very strong, with a tight weave. It can be used with any style of painting. The texture is similar to that used in commercially available stretched linen canvases.

Mural Linen Canvas, Double Primed — Artfix's mural linen has a heavier thread and a tight weave. It is extremely extremely strong and durable, perfect for very large scale works of art.