Belle Arti primed linen and cottons from Italy offer the finest affordably priced quality linens on the market. They supply a choice of weights and textured weaves from fine to coarse, and a choice of hand- or machine-primed finishes using universal or oil primer.Universal primer allows for a variety of painting mediums to be used on a surface that has properties of medium absorbency. Oil primed canvases produce a rich oily surface with excellent adhesion qualities.

Belle Arti are also unique in producing primed linens in two widths, 216cm and 310cm. These dimensions cater for artists wishing to explore larger work. Primed linens are also stretchable yet stable, two vital components in producing a reliable surface on which to produce quality artwork.


Since the 1850s, Libeco from Belgium have weaved the finest loomstate, or unprimed, linen canvas for artists. As masters of linen, Libeco weave the fabric using the longest natural threads, under strict supervision and in the finest time-honoured tradition.

The properties of linen, derived from the humble flax plant, have been known for hundreds of years. Artists can take pride in the fact that the production of linen is an ecologically sustainable process. With a short growth cycle and low water usage, the entire flax plant, from seeds to fibre pulp, is put to use in one form or another.