Custom Stretcher Bar - Profile 3 - Sharp Edge Bar

Includes 2 pairs of bars to make one canvas frame $32.44


Includes 2 pairs of bars to make one canvas frame and includes bracing for any sizes over 48”


This Profile 3 Bar features a 38mm (1") outer side with a sharp square edge.

Wholesale Canvas Australia has 3 dedicated machines that will custom cut stretcher bars to any lengths with our mitred tongue and grove joints. It's easy, just select one of our 3 quality stretcher bar profiles, specify the exact dimensions required and we will do the rest. Assembly is easy with our signature tongue and groove joints, no pins or nailing required, only a mallet and a measuring tape for squaring up the corners.

The Profile 3 - Sharp Edge Bar has been finger spliced - this is a method of bonding pieces of lumber together to form a very long, straight bar, that actually makes it a stronger support for your canvas.

Each Profile 3 Bar's profile has a 1/3" rise to prevent sagging and each bar is squared at the top edge for a clean, sharp edge after stretching.

These heavy duty stretchers feature a strong tongue and groove design which means they just snap into place - no need for staples, pins or joining machines. Tape measure and mallet required for assembly. Note: We provide bracing slots on all sizes from 48" and above.


1 Pair


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