Custom Size Stretcher Bars Cutting Service

Wholesale Canvas Australia has 3 dedicated machines that will custom cut stretcher bars to any lengths with our mitred tongue and groove joints.

It's easy, just select one of our 2 quality stretcher bar profiles, specify the exact dimensions required and we will do the rest. Appropriate cross bracing for the frame size required is included in the final price. Frames will be wrapped in lengths and delivered to you within a few working days. 

Assembly is easy with our signature tongue and groove joints, no pins or nailing required, only a mallet and a measuring tape for squaring up the corners. 

All custom chops come with tongue and grooved ends - just snap into place. no need for joining machines. order one of our quality canvas or linens to fit and all you need is a staple gun to finish your custom made frame. 

We also carry a full range of standard size (213mm / 8”) off the shelf tough bars in profile 2 and 3. Each bar has an 8mm / 1/3“ rise to prevent sagging and slightly rounded top edge to accommodate the variety of canvas and linen weights. 

We provide bracing slots on all sizes from 48” (one side) & above.


Please leave your e-mail, contact number, as well as the bar size you are after, we will get back to you as soon as we can.